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Abuse across Arizona

Joe writes:

My friend and I caught these signs somewhere in western Arizona on our way from San Diego to Lake Havasu. The “Perfume – Bike’s – Basket’s” one is particularly confusing.

I do like the mix of plurals with and without apostrophes — I wonder what goes on in the head of the person making the sign…

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  1. The Scribe says

    This stuff is brilliant! But can you really be surprised at people’s lax use of apostrophes when stories like this are breaking:

  2. The Scribe says

  3. Tiger says

    Oh for heaven’s sake…did anyone else notice “heros”?

  4. Anonymous says

    Thanks so much for this site! A riot! And thanks to Tiger for pointing out “heros”. I had missed that, so what kind of dunce am I?

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