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Pi Beta Phi abuses it’s apostrophe

Kyle saw this sign

…on my walk to class. I’m sure their professors would rather they opted for grateful silence.

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Anonymous says:

I am sure their professors must be proud!

Liesl says:

When I was Pi Phi in college we had a t-shirt for a dance or something that omitted a key apostrophe. Is it endemic to the sorority?? Oh, the shame!

Katherine Francesca says:

Dean’s list, every single one of them.

Chris says:

Richard — that’s right. 🙂
I try to put a little something-something in each title.

Richard says:

So whoever wrote the headline to the post must have been sending up the post?

“Pi Beta Phi abuses it’s apostrophe.”

hw says:

Points for realising that the sorority is a singular. It could have been worse, they could have said ‘Pi Beta Phi appreciates their professors’…

Amanda says:

Nothing like an excellent education!