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Overstock Panty Hoe’s

(Courtesy Construction Graffiti)

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Flami says:


Dani says:

Okay…this one is my favorite.

john says:

shiva – officially it's up to the person whose name is being made possessive. my name ends in S and i prefer to add the additional apostrophe-S.

Jones -> Jones's

Joneses -> Joneses'

Blue says:


Shiva: Either way is correct (with or without the extra ‘S’), but I’m guessing OpenOffice is opting for the more commonly used version without the extra letter.

Tara ~ Me As Me says:

Wow, that is just sad.

shiva says:

LOL. Here’s an apostrophe-related question that i’m guessing someone here might be able to answer: the spellchecker on my version of Open Office doesn’t recognise “Jones’s” and “James’s” as valid words (despite recognising “Jones” and “James”).

What is the correct use of the apostrophe for names ending in S? I always thought “Jones’s” was right if you were referring to *one* Jones, as in “Indiana Jones’s whip”, whereas it would be Jones’ (or Joneses’?) if it was referring to the Jones family.

Is Open Office wrong?

Mimi says:

Oh, bwahahahahahahahhahaha. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Wendy says:

That’s really not a good place for a hoe in my opinion. OUCH!

Anonymous says:

It’s a ho’s hose.