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Kroger Let’s you Ring in the New Year

Nina spotted this ad on

… the home page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( today:

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suzernathy says:

Oh no they didn’t! I can understand the apostrophe but capitalizing the Let’s? What’s up with that?

Anonymous says:

It doesn’t surprise me that the company I work for would incorrectly spell something on a national ad/flyer. Although it does creep me out that to the right of the main couple looks to be Michael Jackson, looking a little less zombie-ish than normal…

Anonymous says:

Um, Ο Φοβερός ? How do you pronounce that?

I’m guessing it’s the apostrophe in “Let’s” that is in question.

Ο Φοβερός says:

I actually think that this apostrophe is correct because they are the specials of the new year