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Insert that apostrophe before winter approach’s!

Yes, we all know this technically correct; the apostrophe is showing the omission of the “e” in “Approaches”, but they have plenty of room for it, so that’s extremely unlikely.

(Thanks, RW!)

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MoiraJ says:

I loved the build up that I got reading through lots of plurals (correctly spelled, without apostrophes) before being hit with the final outrage. Thanks!

Anonymous says:

Cape Cod

Richard says:

To add to the abuse of the apostrophe, they have capitalised just about every word! I wonder why they did that.
And the use of the ampersand (&) is equally bad in copywriting.

Chris says:

“Technically” in that apostrophes are used to show the omission of letters. Not a standard contraction by any means.

Jeff says:

Since when was it technically correct to substitute an apostrophe for the letter “e” in “approaches”?