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How do I abuse thee? Let me count the ways…

Dewitt sent in this picture and notes the

…amazing number of errors crammed into such a short notice. Seen at a gas station/convenience store in Carlsbad, NM in October.

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Actually Exploding says:

Is this person for real? How do you accidentally mistake “mouth” for “month?” How does your finger slip that far?! If your brain simply farted on you, how do you not catch the error afterwards?! Why would anyone ever buy the “traler” from you!!!

I’m MAD.

2uest says:

HAH! To. Meny. errers. ::explode::

Julianne says:

True evidence that New Mexico has the worst education system in the nation.

rob says:

It’s been printed.. surely they had a spell-checker available at the very least.

April says:

How much for the nose?