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Dr. Dobb’s Journal: Has It’s Copyeditor Been Laid Off?

John writes:

Here is what I think is a misuse (as far as I can tell from research, there is no apostrophe in the possessive form of “it”) on the cover of Dr. Dobb’s Journal magazine, which just arrived: “Has It’s (sic) Ship Come In?”

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Beth says:

I just got my copy of DDJ and laughed at the cover headine too. I just checked the online site, and the cover image has been fixed there so yes, I’d say it was an error. Please hire your Copyeditor back, DDJ!

Where is my “punctuation repair kit” from my copy of “Eats Shoots and Leaves” ?

David SB says:

Maybe it has to do with the title of the periodical. If Dr. Dobb (whoever that is) has an apostrophe after his or her name, then maybe every headline is supposed to have one too.

Anonymous says:

If this is an error, it is an error of long standing, as in 20+ years.

Visit the website at

The apostrophe is employed throughout.

Becky says:

A lot of companies are laying off copyeditors, so John is probably right about why this error occurred.

Anonymous says:

Maybe it was supposed to be IT’s, as in the internet technology industry and they forgot to capitalize the T.