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Ya’ll don’t know how to abbreviate

Lara writes:

Here is a photo from a BBQ place in Elgin, Texas.
I’m also a little dubious of their parentheses.

See also: Ya’ll vs. Y’all

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  1. Judy AKA "Spookannie" says

    Good one. I’ve always written this as y’all, since it is a contraction of you + all. And please don’t tell me this doesn’t exist, since I grew up saying it!

  2. Bill Stanley says

    Ya’ll is a contraction of ya all, where y’all is a contraction of you all. I choose y’all when I speak my native Texan.

  3. gregg meyer says

    Judy is correct. The sign printer made a mistake and we went ahead and used it. Our apologies to y’all.

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