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Uncle Giuseppes’ Marketplace

Zach sent in this photo he snapped in Smithtown, NY:

There is only one Uncle Giuseppe. There is also a sign on the building that doesn’t contain any apostrophes at all.

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Swataz says:

And using anonymous identities is a pet peeve of mine…touche but I think you are being a tad obnoxious.

Anonymous says:

Why would you waste your time blogging about an apostrophe on a sign?? The store has the most amazing shopping experience on Long Island.. there food is great!

Anonymous says:

Dear Swataz,
One should not throw stones in glass houses. Since is not spelled “simce.” Not using spell check is a pet peeve of mine.

Swataz says:

This sign is a huge pet peeve of mine!

They have simce changed a lot of their collateral (flyers, etc.) to correct the issue.

However, when looking at their website today, seems they had the same person create the language here:

Mr T says:

Sorry, Anonymous, but Giuseppe doesn’t end in S.

It should be Uncle Giuseppe’s.

Anonymous says:

That’s actually correct, you can use an apostrophe on the end of a word that ends in an S to show ownership. It’s pronounced the same.
Mr. Lays’s
Mr. Lays’
are both correct