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If you ask management, the assistant will thank you

I can’t even call this an apostrophe error; it’s a word error — assistant’s for assistance. What’s almost more unbelievable is that whoever made this sign thought the apostrophe was the only punctuation needed.

(Thanks, Ezra!)

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What Ever says:

Not to mention “mash potatoes.”

Jason@PSB says:

I love it when assistants thank me.

Su says:

I don’t think this should be called abuse, so much as an all-out assault on the English language.

April says:

Ironically, that apostrophe was the only piece of punctuation in the whole thing, other than the decimal in the price.

sitboaf says:

I counted 14 mistakes. Impressive.

btschulze says:

I hope they cook better than they write….

yousuckatcraigslist says:

mash potatoes?

Sigh. Humanity is doomed.

Anonymous says:

A thanksgiving dinner for only $89.99? That’s a steal