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Dont-Shoot Kid’s

Chris forwarded this photo from Brice, who noted that

…there are two forms of abuse here… I actually took this picture up in Washington State, way out in the woods. It was kind of eerie, I swear I heard the “Dueling Banjos” song in the background.

I like the drawing in the lower left corner.

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eeyore19 says:

"Please Don't-Shoot Kid" sounds like an alias. Apparently he's at play.

Melissa says:

Happened to stumble across your blog – very entertaining – the placement of the apostrophe is one of my pet peeves! (along with a few others..)

Mr. Awesome says:

…what’s an “at play”? Some kind of toy?

Tamaryn Tobian says:

the drawing on the bottom is The Symbol from Hero(‘)s 😉

Becky says:


Anonymous says:

i say shoot the kids

Andie East says:

nice. I like the underline of KIDS. Nice emphasis. If you’re going to shoot them, do it while they are sleeping.