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Why Do You Heart Apostrophe Abuse?

(Thank’s to the four person’s who sent in this one)

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Nicole says:

Why don’t the druggies deserve an apostrophe?

Narelle from Aus says:

Priceless…and extremely, extremely disturbing.

Anonymous says:

i knew it! emos are satanists! effeminate men? really?
oh wait i got one….


Darah Morin says:

P.K.: Might be promise keepers, could also be pastor kids, I don’t know though. It doesn’t make much sense given the context, though, what on that sign does carry any sense?

I’m a feminist democrat sports nut. Oh and a christian. Man, and I thought I was tight with Jesus. I guess I’d better reassess my sinful life. Shucks.

Paul says:

For some reason, I think it is supposed to mean “PC” or Political Correctness.

Anonymous says:

I’m out and out bewildered.

joan says:

I can picture the guy that painted this sign, walking around for weeks going, “Oh, shoot! I forgot the (Whatever’s.) I’ll have to use a bigger sign next time.”
It would truly be a shame to forget to list a group you hated.
Proud to say I’m on that list multiple times. Does that mean they hate me proportionately more?

Anonymous says:

PK = Promise Keeper’s?

Clare says:

I’m a Baha’i’. If you pluralize us, we are
Baha’i’s. But I do like being a BAHI.

Also, what is a P.K? Can I be one too?

D says:

Wow… Just wow…

Jess says:

WTF are P.K’s?

Anonymous says:

Racists???? Apparently you can be a chauvinist based on religion, political philosophy, lifestyle, or sexual orientation, but not based on skin color. How generous. BTW – where are the Jew’s? Maybe he ran out of room… So many people to hate, so little time.

April says:

Oh, damn. There’s even one in “sport’s”?!? Unbelievable.

Matt says:

Wow. This is an instant classic.

Anonymous says:

There can only be one reason for all the apostrophes: people bought each other out and now own each other in a subsequent list in a coalition to love the devil.

Voix says:

I wonder if there is a drug for high fullutent-ism. If so, I need it.

Rahel says:

What on earth is a “high fallutent”?

“Loud-mouthed women”? Plus a selection of religions….

Sheesh. This sign parodies itself.

Mellykat says:

Oh barf. There is so much more wrong with this poster than all those sickeningly-placed apostrophes!

Anonymous says:

high fullutent bastard’s

by Immortal Curiosity says:

This is sheer beauty. But I are truly sorry for their lots.

The Boob Nazi says:

I’m kind of proud my religion is first up there! I don’t know why I heart the devil.

Anonymous says:

Repent and believe in Jesu’s.