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Why Do You Heart Apostrophe Abuse?

(Thank’s to the four person’s who sent in this one)

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  1. Anonymous says

    Repent and believe in Jesu’s.

  2. The Boob Nazi says

    I’m kind of proud my religion is first up there! I don’t know why I heart the devil.

  3. by Immortal Curiosity says

    This is sheer beauty. But I are truly sorry for their lots.

  4. Anonymous says

    high fullutent bastard’s

  5. Mellykat says

    Oh barf. There is so much more wrong with this poster than all those sickeningly-placed apostrophes!

  6. Rahel says

    What on earth is a “high fallutent”?

    “Loud-mouthed women”? Plus a selection of religions….

    Sheesh. This sign parodies itself.

  7. Voix says

    I wonder if there is a drug for high fullutent-ism. If so, I need it.

  8. Anonymous says

    There can only be one reason for all the apostrophes: people bought each other out and now own each other in a subsequent list in a coalition to love the devil.

  9. Matt says

    Wow. This is an instant classic.

  10. April says

    Oh, damn. There’s even one in “sport’s”?!? Unbelievable.

  11. Anonymous says

    Racists???? Apparently you can be a chauvinist based on religion, political philosophy, lifestyle, or sexual orientation, but not based on skin color. How generous. BTW – where are the Jew’s? Maybe he ran out of room… So many people to hate, so little time.

  12. Jess says

    WTF are P.K’s?

  13. D says

    Wow… Just wow…

  14. Clare says

    I’m a Baha’i’. If you pluralize us, we are
    Baha’i’s. But I do like being a BAHI.

    Also, what is a P.K? Can I be one too?

  15. Anonymous says

    PK = Promise Keeper’s?

  16. joan says

    I can picture the guy that painted this sign, walking around for weeks going, “Oh, shoot! I forgot the (Whatever’s.) I’ll have to use a bigger sign next time.”
    It would truly be a shame to forget to list a group you hated.
    Proud to say I’m on that list multiple times. Does that mean they hate me proportionately more?

  17. Anonymous says

    I’m out and out bewildered.

  18. Darah Morin says

    P.K.: Might be promise keepers, could also be pastor kids, I don’t know though. It doesn’t make much sense given the context, though, what on that sign does carry any sense?

    I’m a feminist democrat sports nut. Oh and a christian. Man, and I thought I was tight with Jesus. I guess I’d better reassess my sinful life. Shucks.

    • Paul says

      For some reason, I think it is supposed to mean “PC” or Political Correctness.

  19. Anonymous says

    i knew it! emos are satanists! effeminate men? really?
    oh wait i got one….


  20. Narelle from Aus says

    Priceless…and extremely, extremely disturbing.

  21. Nicole says

    Why don’t the druggies deserve an apostrophe?

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