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Toyota’s Honda’s

Rich writes:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit the entire thing into just one photo. Toyota’s Honda’s sell’s Camry’s, Corolla’s, and Avalon’s. What I’m not clear on is who all these cars really belong to. Do Camry, Corolla and Avalon know that Toyota and Honda are claiming their cars?

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Anonymous says:

great news! it’s now a national TV commercial. Toyota has new Camry’s and Sienna’s for sale. I tried but could not find it on youtube.

Jenni says:

Returning the blog Karma. How the hell did you find my crappy blog anyway? Yours is much cooler than mine. Please don’t be someone I know, or this could be really awkward. =)

YT Designs - Susie says:

Yeah, so the dummy that owns the store probably WROTE it, but who was the idiot signmaker who made the signs? Do they not proof read?

Huukd on fonix dun guud fore them. lol

Anonymous says:

this one wins!

Julia says:

I love this blog~

Becky says:

That hurt’s my eye’s!