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No Photo’s in the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Well, except this one, courtesy of Mike:

This photo attached is courtesy of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Up in the gallery of the House chamber is this sign…Sorry I couldn’t get a better angle, but if you look closely, that isn’t a stray mark between the o and s in photo’s on the sign.

Also, that should be “any time” (two words).

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Nicole says:

just saw the tag-line under the photo!

Nicole says:

“Anytime”? Surely it’s “any time”?

Fizzix says:

I agree, thebunny. You could. Heck, if people would send them in to me, I could snark on about them.

TheBunny says:

And an ellipsis only has three dots. Four if it is finishing a sentence. Five just continues the brilliant work from the rest of the sign. You could do an entire blog on ellipsis abuse too. They are always abused.