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Why People Buy Honda’s…

…Honda’s what?

Rochelle sent this in, and was inspired to start her own blog; check it out!

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Anonymous says:

I actually called this number wanting to know if they had fixed the billboard and a guy answered the phone with “hello” and nothing else. When I asked if this was Northwest Honda, he didn’t even know how to answer but did say yes and that he was one of their reps. When I told him that they had a typo on one of the billboards he sounded all confused and asked if I had a flyer. I told him I was looking at one of his billboards and he sounded all confused again then started to deny it was Northwest Honda…I have a feeling this backwoods guy went out of business:)

Nigel says:

It could mean Honda’s cars, cars made by Honda. That makes sense.

Persnickety Designer<br> says:

thanks for posting honda’s!

love the branded with an apostrophe in hades frame in the web comic.

woxday says:

There’s a very NSFW webcomic that notes some apostrophe abuse.

Kristin Wenzel says:

It looks like it’s saying “Why People Buy Honda’s safety.”

Since that’s the first word on the next line, I mean.