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Martini’s $5

David writes:

“Mr. Martini” is having a special on drinks….. or so one would assume.

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Beau says:

Funnily enough, there’s actually a restaurant called Martini’s Bistro in my town. I’ve always assumed they knew what they were doing when they called it that, but maybe it was incorrect punctuation all along…

Jenn says:

I wonder why specials didn’t get an apostrophe? Hmmm…

Kirsten says:

I just stumbled upon you and I’m glad I did. I love it!!

meryl's musings says:

Funny, funny — I happened to do a post on NPD – National Punctuation Day and spoke about how to use the apostrophe. One of my readers directed me to your site. Yay — funny, funny.

Carlos says:

I wonder what the decision-making process was for the writer of this sign. Why would he use an apostrophe in one word, but not in the other. 😉

It’s Your Damned Language

Mama says:

Wow! A whole blog. I’m always seeing apostrophe abuse. How amusing this blog is.