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Correctors of Abuse Take Note!

Men banned from national parks after vandalism

A man from Somerville, Mass., and his friend who went around the country this year removing typographical errors from public signs have been banned from national parks after vandalizing a historic marker at the Grand Canyon.

(Thanks to all 12 of you who sent this in!)

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Matt says:

That’s funny. There’s an Italian restaurant right down the street from me with a neon sign in the window advertising that they have “deserts.” I’m just glad I don’t live in a hot dessert.

Blue says:

LMAO @ first anon comment.

Anonymous says:

Kevin and Joe:

“Desert” is a typically hot and sandy bit of land.

“Dessert” is a tasty after-dinner treat. Now with twice as much S!

Have fun with your newfound literacy.

Joe says:

Yes, but maybe it’s a watchtower that looks directly onto a piece of cheesecake. In which case, shame on them for the misspelling.

Abby says:

Kevin, “desert” is spelled correctly. I’m confused as to what you think it should have read. Unless you’re joking, in which case, nevermind.

Kevin says:

I especially like the part of the article that says “While at Desert View Watchtower on the South Rim on March 28…” What could be better in an article about typos than a spelling error.

Anonymous says:

Does this mean they’ll restore it to its incorrect version?

Jessica says:

I think it’s worth noting that the sign itself is considered part of a historic landmark. During my quick read of the article, I originally misread it and thought they’d corrected the grammar on a sign for a historic landmark.

According to the AP article at CNN, the hand-painted sign is over sixty years old.

This helps to explain the severity of the punishment.