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Subterfuge at Scoop’s

KaySquirrel writes:

Spotted this bit of apostrophe abuse during our recent trip down to York, UK.

That’s my husband’s shoulder you can see on the right, there. I asked him to pose while I pretended to take his picture. I didn’t want the folks running the ice cream stand to suspect that I was snagging a pic of their sign so that I could then go and make fun of it on the intertubes. 😉

Of course, the sign could be correct if that was Mrs. Scoop behind the counter. But then, why would the other signs just read “Scoops”?

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Sara says:

It could’ve been possessive… anybody? Bueller?

But yes, that giant ‘S’ is god awful.

Becky says:

Haha, I think the giant “s” bothers me more than the apostrophe.

KaySquirrel says:

Heh, I didn’t even notice the fake Jamie in line there. I was too busy trying not to look like I was taking a photo of their sign!

I’d like to think that they told the signmakers to make the 2nd “S” giant so that the name of the shop would be the same whether you read it backwards or forwards, and the nice folks at the sign place didn’t have the heart to tell them that it wouldn’t work. 😉

travisl says:

And what kind of ice cream is Jamie Hyneman in line to buy?

LoriM says:

And why is the second “S” giant??