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Only Owner’s, Driver’s, or Passenger’s…

Mel sent in this photo of a sign found in the parking garage beneath his local public library:

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cleverocity says:

Since I took this picture they’ve taken down that sign and replaced it with a corrected version.

(And a parkade is just a parking garage. A Canadian parking garage.)

Franklin Pierce says:

Take heart! “America” is not illiterate, but you are ignorant of geography. The city of Nanaimo — sharing the name with those delicious bars — is in British Columbia. No, not South America. Canada.

Anonymous says:

Should there be a hyphen in by-law? What the hell is a parkade? Like lemonade?

Anonymous says:

They also managed to leave out the serial comma.

My name is... says:

Public library? Holy shit. America really IS illerate.

Karen again says:

…and vehicles and fines.

Karen says:

They’re missing an apostrophe in persons, right ?