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Row’s of Champions

Daniel wanted to make fun of Stanford, so he sent in this photo:

One of the last places one might expect to find large-type, engraved in bronze apostrophe abuse is Stanford University. But sure enough, there’s this plaque, placed very prominently at the Taube Tennis Center.

…though, that “Row Is of Champions”… 😉

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Yara says:

Stanford? I thought you needed to at least spell when you were at Stanford

I think this one might be one of the worse ever, because it’s permanent

Blue says:

But why the need to point out the error? We aren’t all as blind as the sign creator….

Sarah says:

this blog rocks, but i can’t read it too much…it will drive me crazy!

Dad says:

You’d never find that kind abuse on the Cal campus. Go Bears!!

Hillary Dickman says:

Yet another reason to make fun of Stanford!