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Poor writing in Reading

Martin shares with us this photo of Pete’s Cafe at Oxford Road, Reading.

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Ben Mines says:

Yes, that got me too.

“Pete’s Cafe” is correct; but see, “Salad’s, Roast’s, Snack’s”.

It reminds me of that convoluted relay of possessives that sometimes forms the subject of third-hand stories, such as, “My girlfriend’s sister’s friend’s…”

“The roast’s salad’s snack’s…” what?! what?! what?! Don’t leave us hanging!

Bryce says:

Oh wait, you mean “Salad’s”, “Snack’s,” etc.?

Bryce says:

Wait, doesn’t an apostrophe show ownership, or maybe I am confused. Because the cafe is owned by Pete, correct? Or could you please fix my brain by telling me why this is incorrect?! Ha, thanks.


sofar says:

God, comic sans.

Karen the LairMistress says:

Hello! I just discovered this blog via a column in the Seattle Times; and the subject is right up my alley. Apostrophe abuse is one of my pet peeves too; and there seems to be no stopping it! Even professional writers and newspaper editors coming up with headlines are doing it! I pretty well freaked out not long ago when I saw a newspaper headline somewhere relating to something that “Arab’s” are said to be doing–as if “Arab” was an acronym or something. It especially annoys me that I’ve done this myself a couple of times by accident (LOL)…

Anonymous says:

I don’t know what’s worse, all the errors or the use of Comic Sans