Manager Special’s and Walk In’s

Jenn writes:

This first photo was taken at a gas station somewhere in Oregon on my recent drive up the west coast. I guess I like it because of the total swap out. Manager Special’s rather than Manager’s Specials. Oh, they were SO close.

Also, here is an eye exam center in Seattle who seems to have seen the error of their ways and attempted to correct their apostrophe abuse with a little, er, white out. On another note, I can’t tell if I Exams is meant to be a pun, or if it’s just a big fat error. The fact that I’m not positing on that’s punny should tell you something, though.

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2 thoughts on “Manager Special’s and Walk In’s

  1. What an interesting practice — it evidently caters to one-eyed people who don’t want to wear glasses (contact lens instead of contact lenses?). Maybe just people who need correction in one eye?

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