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What I don’t "wan’t" is that extra apostrophe

Tim writes:

I live in Ealing, one of the areas of west London. There’s a local shop that’ll be familiar to any city-dweller: they do dry-cleaning, shoe repair, key-making, engraving, etc. While my wife was inside picking up our dry-cleaning, I waited outside and spotted this sign they had advertising their services.

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Anonymous says:

It's actually correct grammar. It's old English for "want not."

Karen says:

Well…at least they got “bubbles” right…

sixtyforty says:

I’m particularly fond of the lone lower case M hanging out there along the bottom.

Anonymous says:

That’s really bad!

Greekgeek says:

G’ood Gri’ef! I just stumbled onto this blog while updating my Care and Feeding of Apostrophes webpage, and I think I may have a seizure looking at some of your examples. I hope you don’t mind if I add an RSS feed to this blog!

Anonymous says:

Perhaps they are pointing out that you really can have anything you want engraved on there, no matter how grammatically incorrect!

Anonymous says:

Clearly it stands for “was not”.