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More School Abuse

These two restroom signs are courtesy of Shruti, who is depressed that they were displayed

at a local elementary school in Bear, Delaware. It’s just spawning future generations of serial apostrophe abusers.

Since each restroom is apparently only for one particular boy or girl, I wonder where the rest of the children go?

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Leah says:

"Sadder" actually is a word. The use of either "sadder" or "more sad" would be appropriate.

Anonymous says:

sadder is not a word!! should be more sad, thank you!

F says:

Actually, boys’ or girls’ would be OK, I’m not quite sure that the previous comments by So far or Kerry acknowledged this fact.

Kerry says:

This may be a stretch, but do you think they are trying to shorten, “girl’s,” as in “The girl’s bathroom?”

sofar says:

I remember the middle school to which I went had signs that said Boys’ and Girls’.

Harpy says:

What’s even sadder is that the apostrophe abuse is there in the Braille. Now the visually impaired can join in with the apostrophe abuse fun too!

Sunshine says:

Maybe it’s a snotty private school where each child has their own??? 🙂