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Sport’s Drink’s @ Kroger

(Thanks, Maggie!)

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ChicoYaYa says:

Right Store. Right Price. Wrong Grammar.

lowlife says:

Yeah, I don’t go to Target’s or Wal-Mart’s. I do however, shop at Macy’s.

Nye! says:

Here’s a question for you — here in Cincinnati, where Kroger is based, everyone calls it “Kroger’s.”

I find this maddening. I grew up in Cleveland, where the dominant grocery chain is Giant Eagle, but nobody called it “Giant Eagle’s.” I’ve also noticed this with Meijer/Meijer’s in Michigan and Piggly Wiggly/Wiggly’s in the South. What gives?

Anonymous says:

What? No “Varietie’s” or “Variety’s”?