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Abuses’s at Fox News

Bill writes about this abuse, found

…under Obama’s picture, following “YOU DECIDE:”. I realize that Fox normally exemplifies’s precision and veracity, so this was quite surprisings’s. Not only does this not need an apostrophe in the first place, but the extra ‘s’ on the end makes it…extra specials’s.

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Ruth Cook says:

If you want to see another apostrophe goof on Fox News this past weekend, please check my latest blog entry at where Fox runs a headline that says Sarah Palin brought the Tea Party Convention to IT'S feet.

You have some great examples. May I share one or two with my readers?

freeveghead says:

Actually, it looks like someone was trying to combine “emphasizes” and “his.” They should just be fired, really.

BillyIdolRules says:


I don’t know what kind of response is appropriate for “emphasizes’s.” That’s worth one cringe at least.

Anthony says:

I’m not sure of the grammatical accuracy of the single ‘ surrounding the ‘Yes We Can’. Is it a quote? If it is, it should have quotation marks.

Generally, I hate abbreviations, and abbreviating quotation marks is either lazy, stupid or both.