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What the ‘Hill is that an abbreviation of?

Alden writes:

I saw this bumper sticker on a driving north on Georgia 400 today, and the first thing I did when I got home was locate it online and take a screen capture so I could share the hill-arity (sorry) with others. This site obviously believes in neither partisanship nor grammar!


Are they saying they want it to feel colder than it is in 2008? Or that they want more homes for ants? I don’t get it. And shouldn’t there be a sticker for Hillary Clinton?

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Anonymous says:

Actually there is one for Clinton. It is the one about “life’s a Bitch, Our President shouldn’t be one”

Ruth says:

We all know it’s “Sam Hill,” no?

You can take the girl out of Idaho….

Not quite the Bradys says:

In reference to your last question, no. I’d rather elect an anthill.