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Craigslist Catastrophe

Yes, that’s right… they’re offering

…all sort’s of bedding, drape’s, dishe’s, toaster’s coffee pot’s, Vacuum’s, heater’s, Iron’s , blow dryer’s, curling irons. And more at unbeatable price’s.

(Thanks, Kathryn!)

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Not quite the Bradys says:

OH. MY. GOSH. Wow. Thank you for this start to my day.

Anonymous says:

dishe’s!!! that one really takes the cake. i saw something that mentioned “life’s up’s and down’s, ins and out’s…” i mean, why is the “ins” the odd one out? how do people chose which ones to randomly add the apostrophe to? i just don’t understand!

Nina says:

Holy shite! This might be the worst one I’ve seen. The illiteracy of our country simply astounds (astound’s?) me.

rob, in awe says:

has anyone emailed that craigslist poster yet?

micheyd says:

Nooooo! My eyes!!

5150 says:

At least it’s consistently wrong. 🙁

sitboaf says:

Our edumacation system is fine! Thankfully, they are teaching children “apostrophe before ‘s’ except at the end of the list.”
Therefore, the Craigslist poster was correct in withholding the apostrophe from “curling irons.”

Rebekah says:

This isn’t so much funny as just pitiful. I mean, these aren’t just a few mistakes, this person actually thinks that one is supposed to add an apostrophe when pluralizing nouns. This a beautiful example of the depths to which our education system has fallen.

Maggie says:

Wow. I’m simply speechless at this one.

Pollyanna says:

Between the post and the above comment, I about busted a rib! You guys are hilarious! (or I’m just really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y tired). Nah, you’re funny. Thanks for the laughs.

Sprite says:

Shouldn’t that be, “call u’s?”