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Christmas Flyer Abuse

This is from first-time submitter Greg, who writes:

This flyer for Canadian electronics retailer Visions … was just too good (i.e. bad) to ignore. By my count, there’s an IDEA’S, a T’WAS, some CD’S and DVD’S, and even a THRU’!

(Note: Stay tuned for more dated submissions as I work through my backlog.)

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AetherWeaver says:

CD’s and DVD’s are not acceptable pluralizations.

They aren’t contractions:

Compact Discs
Digital Versatile Discs

No “e” to be dropped.

Anthony says:

There’s an apostrophe, but they have it on the wrong side.

’twas is correct.

I’m also a fan of the old-school spelling of Hallowe’en, which would probably rankle a few.

Nate says:

To be fair, “CD’s” and “DVD’s” are acceptable, since the apostrophe serves the same function it does in contractions. The rest, though…good lord.

Anonymous says:

This one makes my brain hurt. Amidst all the madness, I think the most deplorable offense is thru’.
I mean, really, what is this?!
I cry a little bit reading things like this.