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Thursday’s until 8

Rob writes:

I snapped this one outside my local shopping centre in southeast London last night. The full message reads “Late-night shopping on Thursday’s until 8” and scrolls continuously over the main entrance. You can see it from a good way away…

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Rachel says:

My Thursday is usually until midnight. You mean I could have gotten a jump start on Friday?

Maria says:

Thank you for illustrating. I’m including you in my list of apostrophe faux pas illustrated.


Susan says:

I hate Thursdays anyway; I want to know what time Friday’s til.

Anonymous says:

that’d be fine if it was just that one thursday, yes!

but every thursday?

Anonymous says:

Oh, that’s not the worst abuse is it? After all it could make sense:
“Shopping [on] Thursday [is] until 8.”

Mantolwen says:

I wonder what’s after 8. Mints?