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Taco’s in San Antonio

Both of these are from Jeffrey in San Antonio:

First up… Breakfast Taco’s!

Fairly new restaurant trying to attract new customers. Haven’t tried the food, but I may visit to see if there are other apostrophes floating around.

Next, the oft-debated “apostrophe after a plural number”…

Found this at a San Antonio Taco Bell. It is some contest where customers call a phone number to answer some survey questions, rating the “restaurant” from 1 to 7. If I called, it would get a 5.

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katiebohbatie says:

“Are our goal,” though?

katiebohbatie says:

Um, yeah. Proper usage, there. I was actually reading through this to see if this subject would come up. It’s okay after numbers or letters or something? As in, B’s?

Anonymous says:

Absolutely correct to use apostrophes after plural numbers. I can’t think of a situation (independent of reference) in which “7s” would be correct. There’s plenty of apostrophe abuse out there. Make sure you know your stuff before making yourself look dumb as well.

Anonymous says:

I love the “a $1,000”!

Anonymous says:

Depending on the reference, it’s considered correct to use apostrophes to pluralize numbers mentioned as numbers. (Bedford Handbook, 36d.)