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Ladie’s Room in NYC

Ross writes:

Spotted this the other day at a cultural institution in New York City. I can’t be more specific without getting in trouble. Thought you’d appreciate the thought that went into putting the apostrophe in the wrong place. Surely it couldn’t be “Ladies'”?

I like the random capitalization and punctuation. (And, how on earth would Ross “get in trouble” for describing where he took this picture?)

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Meaghan says:

Or it’s somewhere in NYC that has banned photographs? Is that still in effect?

Anonymous says:

He is probably worried about getting in trouble because he works there. Maybe his boss wrote the sign.

Gez says:

Oops, I forgot to close quotation marks. They’ll have my Grammar Nazi card off me for this.

Gez says:

Eva-sensei, I hope you said that in the most patronising voice possible for maximum irony.

John, I agree. It has got to be a strip club.

This phenomenon is frighteningly common. It’s almost as though the writer is thinking “I know how to spell ladies, but I have to put an apostrophes somewhere!

Blue says:

Eva-Sensei is my hero too!!

Second floor might start to flood fast!

john says:

Eva-Sensei, you are my hero.

Eva-Sensei says:

Wow, this gives me a huge flashback to a time when some guy came onto my college campus to hand out fliers to a local bar. Like most ladies who passed him, I accepted the paper as it was offered to me. Upon discovering that the flier said “Tuesday is Ladie’s Night,” I turned around and gave it back the guy, telling him that I’d never patronize a bar that couldn’t use apostrophes correctly. Poor guy was dumbfounded.

Signs&Wonders says:

that was my first thought (what phaedrus said.) It didn’t say to use the “2nd floor RESTROOM”–just “the second floor”. Messy!!!

phaedrus says:

Since the ladies’ room is out of order, you must instead use the second floor. There’s not much privacy on the second floor, but if you’ve gotta go…

john says:

I’m guessing by “cultural institution” he means “strip club”