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Hogwart’s Reading List

Suzie writes:

I was flipping through my archives last night and I stumbled upon a photo that I made my boyfriend take for me in a Chapters in Toronto one day because the sign just made me so mad being that I’m both a grammar nerd and a Harry Potter obsessive.

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Laura says:

Ooh, this one would bug me too. And in a bookstore! I have a special pet peeve for people who write “Hogwart’s.”
That being said, I very much want a full set of the HP books in the English version. I suppose I’ll have to take a trip to the UK and make that happen! =)

lecroy says:

OK, technically Hogwarts’, since it is always listed in the plural in the books. But my prior comment stands. Do people actually feel the outrage that the comments express? If so, you need more tragedy in your lives.

lecroy says:

Gotta say, if there was a required reading list, this would be the way to phrase it. That is the thing about this and the site about apostrophe abuse. Don’t we use these sites just to feel superior to other “lesser” people whose grammer is suspect.

The function of language is to communicate. Not to feel superiour to those less literate.

Anonymous says:

I don’t get it.

NotSoccer Mom says:

in a bookstore??? that is just so WRONG. and sad.

friendinME says:

I guess this one escapes me too. If Hogwart is a person, the sign is correct, isn’t it? Maybe I should read Harry Potter. or not. 🙂

Anonymous says:

Um, grammar nerds don’t write run-on sentences.

Nina says:

‘Ear ‘ear!

Anonymous says:

Guess you gotta be a Potterhead to appreciate this one. I have no idea who/what Hogwart(s?) is, and I’d be inclined to say the sign is correct.

Blue says:

Who knew Hogwart liked to read? Or even could?

Anonymous says:

Gah, this makes me so mad! In a book shop of all places!