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Christmass Tree’s

Alden writes:

Spotted this at my local grocery store. I think this particular store has one employee in charge of most of their signs — it’s consistent handwriting, and the signs frequently contain some deviation from standard English that makes me wince. In fact, I was so busy wincing over the “tree’s” that it wasn’t until I got home and uploaded this pic that I realized it was also “Christmass.” Perhaps my anonymous sign-making friend is extra devout and wishes to remind us of the origins of this holiday?

Posted in Uncategorized. says:

That’s just sad. No, funny.

Alden says:

Oops, I forgot where I used the “their.” But it’s not wrong either; I’m not speaking of the store as a non-human entity, but as a collective of people, some of whom can’t spell or punctuate.

Alden says:

No — I meant “it is consistent handwriting.” Trust me, I would not mess up it’s and its. And you’re right, “their” is not technically correct, but as I was referring to the unknown sign-writer it should be “his” or “her.” In conventional spoken English, we often use the pronoun “their” in the case of a person of unknown gender. So yeah, I stand by every word of my email. Thanks, though!

Sorry, I’m being defensive today.

Joel says:

Shouldn’t Alden have said “its consistent handwriting” to indicate possession?

Also, it should be “its signs,” not “their signs” because the store is singular. Sorry, I’m being mean today.

Anonymous says:

…or maybe he likes writing ass.