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B&B Abuse makes for a distracting vacation

Sara writes:

My husband took me to a quaint bed and breakfast in Michigan, but it was hard to relax because I was so distracted by all the apostrophe abuse!!

The next visitor should bring some wood filler and fix those mistakes!

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K'tie R'ae says:

you guy’s dont have enuf 2’do

Anonymous says:

The mistakes are not carved in stone, but carved in wood is bad enough.

Maybe ou’t signifies pronouncing the word with at Canadian accent(tee-hee).

Wendy says:

Thank you for this site! I thought I was the only one bothered by apostrophe abuse. It seems to have exploded in the last few years. What’s going on?

Is there a website for “your” and “you’re?” I’m about to lose it over that one.

Blue says:

Matt, it looks like a knot to me. But one can only hope.

Matt Nightingale says:

Tell me that second sign does not say “light’s ou’t.” Light’s is bad enough, but ou’t? I think maybe it’s just a knot in the wood or something… Here’s hoping.

Rachel says:

Well the second one could barely pass, but the rest are inexcusable.