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Zip’s followup

As you’ll recall from this post, we’ve already featured the misuse of the apostrophe in the Zip’s slogan Since 53′. Sierra points out that they use the correct form on their takeout bags:

My husband and I just moved back to the Tri-Cities WA, where he grew up. He couldn’t wait to take me to Zip’s, apparently a local fast food institution. The first thing I noticed after getting our food was the Since 53′ on the drink cup. Then I looked at the bag of food and realized they put Since ’53 on that. I guess if you’re not sure, you try a couple different ways and hope one is right??

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Anonymous says:

Along with inappropriate apostrophes, I get a kick out of people who put question marks at the end of statements. Thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous says:

Do they make a 53-foot long sandwich? That would explain a lot.

Doug says:

The logo on the ‘About Us’ page is correct as well: