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Popeyes Chicken… or is it?

Matt writes in with:

“Popeyes Fried Chicken” should be “Popeye’s Fried Chicken.”

According to the “Popeyes story” at, the restaraunt was named after the “Popeye Doyle” character in “The French Connection.” Since there’s only one “Popeye Doyle” character, the ‘s’ in the company name *must* be the possessive s, which means that the chain’s name, registered trademark, and every logo on thousands of signs and boxes and menus and letterheads for “Popeyes” is a case of incorrect, missing apostrophe.


That would indeed be a staggering case of abuse — if it were true. You see, Matt, the “Popeye Doyle” back story is just a ruse! You’re really eating at a restaurant called Pope Yes. ;)

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  1. Tacky Fabulous says

    OH my goodness! How many hundreds of people did that have to slip past on it’s way from concept to print? Scary!

  2. Eddie says

    If you know anything about the school systems in and around New Orleans, the place of birth of this chain, you would understand.

  3. Anna says

    No, I don’t think it’s a Catholic chain (Pope Yes). I think it’s Pop Eyes. You get a free meal if you can do this:

  4. dez says

    Shut the front door! I’ve seen the sign and always wondered about the missing apostrophe. At the time, I figured it made the design and/or building of their store sign easier. I also assumed that on bags, boxes and executive letterhead things would be different. Staggering is an understatement.

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