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Milwaukee’s Student’s Are Sweet

Heather writes:

In one of the downtown parks here, local schools each get to decorate a tree. Obviously, apostrophe usage isn’t a big part of the Milwaukee Public Schools curriculum.

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ChicoYaYa says:

How appropriate is it that this is on a school sign? *Sigh*

Anonymous says:

I hate to point it out, but Heather missed an apostrophe in her own post.

Anonymous says:

What is with the random capitalization? Do “are” and “sweet” really need to be capitalized?? Ugh…

Blue says:

Apparently it’s not part of the curriculum. How sad.

Heather says:

My picture made it on the blog! The highlight of my Monday.

I abhor apostrophe abuse in any context, but the fact that this was school-related made it even sadder.

Anonymous says:

Someone should set up a portable blackboard beside that sign and make whomever made that sign write “I will not use an apostrophe in a plural” one hundred times. 🙂