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Dogs can’t read anyway

Spotted in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle:

(Thanks, Damon!)

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  1. Blue says

    I’d like to meet the dog who quits shit’n in their driveway after reading that sign…

  2. Emily says

    Well, I guess the apostrophe in “shit’n” is to show that a few letters have been left out…but “dog’s” is unacceptable!

  3. barbie2be says

    do you think the dogs can read that?

  4. Jodi Blaze says

    If I see one dog read the note and actually stop…Ed McMahon will come to my house with a $10 million check

  5. Anonymous says

    I see that sign everyday I walk to work. It’s hilarious. Pardoned.

  6. Anonymous says

    good thing dogs can read!

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