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Christmas abuse starts early this year…

Christina in CO writes:

Saw this at Home Depot and couldn’t resist sending along the pic.
Apostrophe misuse should be reason enough to land on the naughty list.

I really like this lawn decor otherwise, but alas, they were all wrong and I’ll be damned if I put this violation of the English language in my yard.

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Emily says:

I’m not going to buy that!

73man says:

Hi I have just come across your site and it is a great collection of apostrophe misuse. I know that Lynne Truss makes reference to it but here in Dublin there was a shop called Bob,s Pets. An entirely different class of error?

Blue says:


Anonymous says:


Sprite says:

Maybe it’s French.

sitboaf says:

Imagine if it read:
Day’s t’il?

I think I’d hurl.

The Electric Orchid Hunter says:

I suppose that ’til would have made sense as an abbreviation of until (although till would have been better), but what on earth does that mean?