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Christmas abuse starts early this year…

Christina in CO writes:

Saw this at Home Depot and couldn’t resist sending along the pic.
Apostrophe misuse should be reason enough to land on the naughty list.

I really like this lawn decor otherwise, but alas, they were all wrong and I’ll be damned if I put this violation of the English language in my yard.

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  1. The Electric Orchid Hunter says

    I suppose that ’til would have made sense as an abbreviation of until (although till would have been better), but what on earth does that mean?

  2. sitboaf says

    Imagine if it read:
    Day’s t’il?

    I think I’d hurl.

  3. Sprite says

    Maybe it’s French.

  4. Anonymous says


  5. Blue says


  6. 73man says

    Hi I have just come across your site and it is a great collection of apostrophe misuse. I know that Lynne Truss makes reference to it but here in Dublin there was a shop called Bob,s Pets. An entirely different class of error?

  7. Emily says

    I’m not going to buy that!

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