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Apostrophe sparks Veterans Day conundrum

Columbia Missourian:

Do you know which federal legal holiday is observed on Nov. 11?

Here are the choices:

1.) Veteran’s Day
2.) Veterans’ Day
3.) Veterans Day

Retail stores are having Veteran’s Day sales this weekend in time for what many calendars tell us is Veterans’ Day. And, according to the federal government, this Sunday also happens to be Veterans Day.


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Anonymous says:

Let’s just wind the clocks back and call it Armistice Day.

Emily of Montreal says:

I’m going with Remembrance Day.

Lauren17 says:

“Veteran’s Day” is like saying the day belongs to a single veteran…so that one’s definitely wrong. It’s “Veterans Day”.

sitboaf says:

It’s “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.”
Apparently, there was a “Chris Steaks” that Ruth took over.
But it’s just so wrong!

Blue says:

I’m going with Veterans Day.

Spring says:

“Also I tend to regard the apostrophe as an overrated piece of punctuation, but that’s a personal bias,” he added.

Uh. Did anyone else take offense to this? How can a piece of punctuation be overrated? That makes no sense to me. Widely misused? Yes. But overrated?

I’m leaning toward Veterans’ Day.

Elisabeth says:

You may have already addressed this, but what do you think of this so called “writer’s strike?”

Christine Thresh says:

I have heard advertisements on the radio for Ruths Chris Steakhouse. Where is the Apostrophe supposed to go? What does it mean?

Anonymous says:

“Veterans Day” makes sense with their explanation, but “Veteran’s Day” and “Veterans’ Day” make just as much, really.

I’m sure some people who would object to “Veteran’s Day” would think that, for example, “Mothers Day” was incorrect.

Madame M. says:

They have the answer to the conundrum (with explanation!) at the VA affairs website: