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Alway is there for us

Randy sends in this headstone from a cemetery in Jackson, MO:

Cast in stone. Mom would be proud. She is alway’s there.

Perhaps the headstone is referencing the community of Alway in Newport, Wales, which was always there for dear old Mom.

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Chris says:


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Kirk says:

Is a tombstone really a private thing, anyway? I mean, it’s a public and permanent sign to indicate who lies beneath.

At any rate, this is easily one of the worst instances of apostrophe abuse I’ve seen. The “T’il” on the Christmas yard art may have been more jarring, but it’s just a tacky decoration; this is a tombstone. It may not be seen by as many people as some other abuses, but it’s in stone.

And for the record, I blame the tombstone company. The grieving family shouldn’t have to fret about typos.

Randy in Jackson says:

Yeah, I thought I did a better job. Oh, well, it is in a public cemetery right by the road. Who is to blame for the mistake on the tombstone–the family or the tombstone company?

Anonymous says:

Gosh, if you are going to try and respect privacy do a better job of blurring Mary Thompson’s last name.