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Abuse in a recovery room

Beren writes:

This sign was posted in my recovery room after I delivered my son.

I love that someone corrected the sign.

(I doubt they’re referring to “Father’s visitors”) 😉

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Randy says:

I wonder if it is wrong in the oriental writing on the right.

Anonymous says:

Ha. Correcting the correction. Well done, subtleknife.

Although on your suggestion that comma use is somehow more personal than apostrophe use: I couldn’t disagree more. Mind you, I’m one of those types who can get into a shouting match over things like the Oxford comma.

Three cheers for pedantry!

SubtleKnife says:

I agree that it’s telling that the offending line is written in MS Comic Sans.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason for the word “Fathers” in the correction to be written with a capital “F” – unless the author was thinking specifically about priests. (Or unless there is in America and I am not getting it because I’m Dutch…)

Other gripes:
It says “sign-in” instead of “sign in”.
For a smoother read, the “and” between “station” and “fill” would be best replaced by a comma. (Although the use of commas, unlike apostrophes, is more personal.)

Anonymous says:

Of course, the offending line is in MS Comic Sans. Couldn’t let this one slip by…

Anonymous says:

There should also be another period at the end of “I.D” or else none at all. Why do people always have illiterate imbeciles write signs?

john says:

Yes, and there *shouldn’t* be one in “visitor’s” on the chinese side. Visitor rules or visitation rules or MAYBE visitors’ rules.

Someone got pretty anal writing “partners, moms” next to fathers. It already said “all visitors” and specified fathers because that might not be obvious. Bah.

Gort says:

Shouldn’t there be one, however, in “Nurses’ Station”?