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Doris writes:

Attached is a photo I took on a Tucson, Arizona street corner. I blocked out the telephone number. Not only do we have problems with an apostrophe but we don’t know how to spell the name of the breed.

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Rachel says:

If you can’t spell your dog’s breed…just say he’s a lab!

Anonymous says:

No, the puppies weren’t in the box. This is a typical way of advertising in Tucson — stick a box with a sign on a street corner.

Mr DeBakey says:

Are they in it?

The puppies,
In their box?

lanada says:

funny…i saw a similar sign in tempe, az that said “shi-tuz puppy’s” but didn’t take a picture. at first i thought it was the same one!

john says:

Glorious! The misspelling really makes it shine.