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Look’s like Clip On’s

Amy in Nashville sent in these two examples of abuse:

The first one we encountered during a local jazz festival in Tennessee. Clip-on glasses are bad enough in general – with the misused apostrophe, they become doubly offensive.

The second is a screen cap from the movie, “The Lives of Others.” 50th refers to a 50th birthday party. This movie won the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (German). It makes me cry a little inside that an Academy Award-winning movie can’t get an apostrophe right. However, it was a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it despite the apparent grammar-deficiency of the subtitlers.

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Nina - Not A Llama, but rather The Empress! says:

What’s a POLAR ZED lens? Is it like a Polar*I*zed lens but it’s from Canada?

micheyd says:

Oh, subtitles are notorious for misspellings and errant apostrophes. I found one in Lost once (English subtitles on Korean) which bugged the hell out of me for days…

john says:

POLAR ZED hahahaha

kim says:

I love things like this. They make me smile. Thank you.