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Hometown Hero’s

David sent this photo he snapped at a bank (in New Castle, IN) that:

…had this sign posted for what is a good cause – preparing care packages for our soldiers overseas. However, the glaring abuse of the apostrophe was too much for me not to share. They actually had signs posted at each teller window; this was the most out-of-the-way sign in the bank for me to get a picture of.

Does anyone want to claim they were using the apostrophe to show the omission of the “e”? 😉

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MIchelle in Ory-gun says:

The hometown hero’s…what?

Emily says:

This seems to me to be a bit disrespectful to said heroes.

A Paperback Writer says:

I just found this blog. I don’t know whether to love or hate it, as I’m the sort who carries a pen to correct signs like the one shown.
I have a running argument with the management of my local supermarket, which has a big sign announcing what’s happening in their “Kid’s Club.” I’ve tried and tried to explain plural possessives, but they persist in their error.
Maybe I’ll take a photo and send it in here to get their attention.