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Give me that old time religious abuse

Scott writes:

I am hoping that this will live up to the claim of “Oldest Cited Example”!

I have attached [a photo] of an old religious poster. Of interest is the text on the lines from Earth at the bottom to Heaven on the right — “40 DAY’S, WAY’S”. (I also like how “God, Jesus, and the Angles” are advertised as living in heaven!)

I found this display at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, VA. There is no placard for the poster in question, but in context of the notes around the display, I think it should be dated in the early 1800s.

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Rachel says:

Pythagoras must have been divinely-inspired.

Em says:

Oh my god. This blog simultaneously renews and destroys my faith in humanity’s intelligence.

Anonymous says:

In Great Britain and many of its former colonies, “judgement” is still the correct spelling; but ever since Noah Webster decreed the first E superfluous, Americans have omitted it. Many of Webster’s crotchets have faded away (each year fewer people use the spelling “theater,” for instance); but even the producers of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, chose the traditional American spelling. If you write “judgement” you should also write “colour.”

Anonymous says:

I was at a Christmas party once where one of the guests had on a custom-embroidered holiday sweatshirt. On it were the names of her three children in a Christmas-y script, and arching over all three was:

“Mommy’s little angles”

Great party.

Mae says:

looks like judgment can be spelled both ways…

NotSoccer Mom says:

and judgment is spelled incorrectly too!

Blue says:

LOL Jesus God and the Angles