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Give me that old time religious abuse

Scott writes:

I am hoping that this will live up to the claim of “Oldest Cited Example”!

I have attached [a photo] of an old religious poster. Of interest is the text on the lines from Earth at the bottom to Heaven on the right — “40 DAY’S, WAY’S”. (I also like how “God, Jesus, and the Angles” are advertised as living in heaven!)

I found this display at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, VA. There is no placard for the poster in question, but in context of the notes around the display, I think it should be dated in the early 1800s.

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  1. Blue says

    LOL Jesus God and the Angles

  2. NotSoccer Mom says

    and judgment is spelled incorrectly too!

  3. Mae says

    looks like judgment can be spelled both ways…

  4. Anonymous says

    I was at a Christmas party once where one of the guests had on a custom-embroidered holiday sweatshirt. On it were the names of her three children in a Christmas-y script, and arching over all three was:

    “Mommy’s little angles”

    Great party.

  5. Anonymous says

    In Great Britain and many of its former colonies, “judgement” is still the correct spelling; but ever since Noah Webster decreed the first E superfluous, Americans have omitted it. Many of Webster’s crotchets have faded away (each year fewer people use the spelling “theater,” for instance); but even the producers of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, chose the traditional American spelling. If you write “judgement” you should also write “colour.”

  6. Em says

    Oh my god. This blog simultaneously renews and destroys my faith in humanity’s intelligence.

  7. Rachel says

    Pythagoras must have been divinely-inspired.

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