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Your watching The Learning Channel


Margaret sent in this screen grab from a show broadcast on The Learning Channel:

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Howling_Fantods says:

I saw this the first week! And I was going to let it go when it dawned on me, “No, this is the LEARNING Channel, dammit!” I wrote them. And they did change the chyron the next week to read, “YOUR watching the new hit series L.A. Ink.” They finally got it right in week 3.

There’s a whole entry over at Defamer.

J says:

anon – I sent them a message, too!

I was like, “You call yourselves the LEARNING channel?? Really??”

It’s just unreal.

Mr DeBakey says:

Im amazed how often you see that error.

“Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?”

Anonymous says:

I sent TLC a message about this several weeks ago and they have, to their credit, changed it in more recent episodes, but really, how can that happen?