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Paycheck: It’s bad…

11 minutes into the movie Paycheck, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman, Ben’s character looks at this newspaper headline. I should have shut it off at that point and watched something more entertaining, like C-SPAN2.

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Maxine Dangerous says:

No WONDER I fell asleep during that movie. Or maybe it was because I’d been forced to see the movie …

Jon Swerens says:

Besides, no real copy editor would write a headline with all of that white space beside the word “Nexim.”

I hate when a multi-million-dollar movie can’t do the simplest of research to figure out how to write a headline.

Chris says:

Hi Jenny —

Yeah, I tried rationalizing it the same way initially, but if you read the article, you can see that they are referring to Nexim’s “living display” as being the answer to ARC’s:

“Nexim’s living display was unveiled at the Nexim [obscured] tech expo this weekend [obscured]. It is Nexim’s answer to…

Jenny says:

I haven’t seen the movie, but is there any way it could mean “it is the answer” rather than the possessive?

My daughter (7 months) has a onesie that says “Nothings wrong – just testing you”. I keep wanting to draw the apostrophe on with a marker.

Anonymous says:

I hate you, kenny

Anonymous says:

You watched it twice?

Anonymous says:

I noticed this the first time I saw this movie. I made my husband rewind it.