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Ladie’s room on Carnival Cruise Ship

Amanda sent in this gem:

This sign directs you to the “Ladie’s Room” on the Carnival Celebration ship.

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Anonymous says:

I rode on this ship! I remember it now… funny I thought something was odd about the sign but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anonymous says:

You betcha! First impression of the boat…not a good one.

Anonymous says:

Amanda! I remember when we saw that. That was from the cruise ship, right?

Blue says:

So no one but Ladie can use that toilet. How discriminatory!

tbtine says:

As a graphic designer, I’m equally disturbed by the fact that the apostrophe is facing the wrong direction…

Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little says:

See, now, I thought this was the special restroom designated exclusively for use by that superstar dog in Terry Pratchett’s Moving Pictures. Only with typo.

Mr DeBakey says:

Throw another d on it
and the Scottish kid can have it.